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Wellness Wednesday: Immune Boosting Pantry Pasta

Good morning. I hope your week is off to a better start than my own. After waking up tired on Monday, I pushed on with my day – gym, groceries, chores, etc. – only to come down with a sore throat and general malaise by Tuesday. I'm currently throwing everything at it – gargle, herbal teas, vitamins, my favourite Ginger Tumeric kombucha (MOJO), and plenty of chilli and garlic laced healthy food. It's a frustration I'm sure many of you can relate to. I had just gotten back into a gym routine and was trying to eat with more attention to healthy choices and portion control, but a couple of nights of poor sleep as well as having a sick daughter home a week ago – and here we are. So I'm resting up and so far my week feels awfully lazy. It's sweltering hot again here, so I've just been resting, reading, watching movies and having the occasional dip in the pool, which is lovely and warm at the moment. So, obviously, it's not all bad! Since I'm too sick

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